10AM Sundays: Youth Church!

Youth Church
Youth ages 12-18 are invited to join us each Sunday after Praise & Worship for our Youth Church: teaching, fellowship & fun!

Live and On-Demand Video

Multimedia: The Glorious Truth

November: Church Anniversary

Church Anniversary
This month we commemorate all the Lord has done these past fifteen years and rejoice for the glorious growth we expect in our future!

Group Meetings
Our men’s group will meet at the church 9 am on Saturday, December 5th. Our women’s group will meet at 7 pm on Friday, December 11.

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Group Meetings

JoeCo: Watch This Space!

Joseph Company
Big changes are coming to our community resource ministry! Details coming soon.

Dr. J on TBN
Dr. Joelle appeared on TBN's
Praise The Lord broadcast.

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Video: Dr. Joelle on TBN

About Christ
A goldfish can swim a thousand miles and not get anywhere. It’s life is mostly about waiting for dinner. The Holy Spirit refreshes and renews us, liber-ates us. Takes us places we’ve never been. Click Here

God knows you. He wants you
to know Him. That anxiety we feel over what life holds in store for us: a lot of that is really not about what we have but about what we need.

About Us
The scriptures are filled with it.We can’t live without it. It quenches our thirst and cleanses us. For us, water represents God's Holy Spirit raining drops upon us. It is the context in which we move forward to reach those searching for God. Click Here

Community is not always about
where we live, but about our con-
nection to one another, about the canvas and what we choose to
paint on it.

Church Life
At Glory To Glory, we believe not in religion but in relationship: a true and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ and sealed by the indwelling and baptism of The Holy Spirit. The true work of the ministry is investment in each others' lives. Click Here

Working, learning, growing together in God’s abiding presence is our whole purpose. Our laughter, our tears, fill the pages of our lives as we unite as one.

The Joseph Company
Kindness is giving a child a glass of water. Ministry is digging a well. The Joseph Company is a resource exchange devoted to drilling community wells: meeting needs while rebuilding wounded lives. Click Here

The Joseph Company distributes food, clothing, and furniture to those in need, putting hands and feet to the love and compassion of
Jesus Christ.

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Dr. Joelle Suel is called and anointed to bring to the world the reality of our Lord and Savior. She is a Pastor and Teacher equipped to build up and edify the Body of Christ through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

A native of France, Pastor Joelle proudly became an American Citizen in 2003. She earned her Ph.D. in Ministry from the Phoenix University of Theology. She is uniquely gifted, qualified and appointed with God's love to reach into the hearts, souls and spirits of the children of God.

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101: Old Testament   104: New Testament

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102: Counting The Cost

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103: Divine Identity

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105: The Holy Spirit

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106: Spiritual Gifts

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107: The Anointing

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108: Return of The Prodigal

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110: Ministerial Training

God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

Faith really isn’t faith until it’s been tested, until we’ve asked the tough questions and discovered compelling answers. The more we learn about God, the more truth we discover and embrace in our own lives.

Glory To Glory Institute of The Holy Spirit is an anointed bible institution established for the study of the Word and the Spirit for the equipping of the saints (that includes you) to witness and minister wherever they are. The Institute offers both in-class and online courses of study covering a range of topics in key areas of Christian growth. Anyone can start at any time, take all classes or only a few. Click here for more information.



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